Comixology Submit Update

I run a digital publishing house called The Whole Story. In 2013, selling DRM free ebooks on our own through Kickstarter, Gumroad and Sellfy, we brought in over $72,000 for artists.

In 2013 I also set out to offer our books through Comixology Submit, and promised to share my findings with you as soon as I got an update. With Comixology submit you don’t get any update on how sales are going until your quarterly earnings e-mail, which I just got today.

So how did we do?


$8.80*. The reason it’s significantly less is simply because only one of our books has been added so far, and by the time the book made it to Comixology it was already old news, and all of my readers had already had the opportunity to buy it in several other markets, (both stand-alone and as part of a bundle) so I didn’t really advertise it outside a single tweet, and rather just waited to see what new readers I could reach.

Why only one book, and why did it take so long?


5 books submitted, 3 rejected, one in the store after 5 months, one accepted but still waiting to be added to the store after 7 months. So here are the plusses and minuses of Comixology submit.


-It is a bit of prestige to get your book up there alongside Supes, Bats and Spidey.

-You can use stand-alone back issues to reach new readers who don’t do Kickstarter or PDFs.

-They add guided view, so people can read your books on smartphones.


-It takes around six months to get a book in the store.

-You have no control over when it goes live, making a recurring series basically impossible.

-You can’t make any changes once the book goes live.

-Vague automated answers using internal terms that sound insulting without context. “Bad series art?” Come on.

-*You only get paid if/when you’ve earned $100 and reach a quarterly payday.

-Guided view creeps me out.


I hope this will be helpful for people moving to Comixology to know what to expect and what types of projects it’s good for. It certainly does not hurt to have your books in front of eyeballs on Comixology, but if you’re doing something time-sensitive remember that you can upload a book to Gumroad and/or Sellfy, sell copies, and have the money in your PayPal account in less than 5 minutes. Here’s a tutorial I made to help you. Comixology has seen this post, as was very friendly and open to the feedback, so hopefully the service will grow and become more useful to indie creators as time goes on!

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