The #novictimshamingvow

Horrible things happen to people who are victims of crimes that go far beyond the original crime. Especially if that victim is not a white male. People go out of their way to shame the victim. To accuse them of lying. They’re threatened with physical and sexual violence. Their personal information is released. Their character is slandered.

I want to make a vow right now, and I hope others will join me.

I will never purposely cause harm to another person. But if I’m ever accused of doing so I AM TOTALLY OKAY with you giving the accuser the benefit of the doubt.

I would much rather be wrongly slandered across the Earth than see any awful, victim-shaming bullcrap done in my name.

Even if the accuser is straight up lying, accusing them of such without being involved in the situation and knowing the facts makes it more difficult for actual victims to come forward and get help.

Do not demand proof. Do not say ‘he would never do that.’ Do not engage the accuser at all. Come to me. Ask ME what the hell is going on. Let me explain. Once you have heard the evidence presented by both parties you can choose who you believe. Let the law handle the punishment. If you think the accuser is a liar, let me deal with it.

If you agree, make it known. Take the #novictimshamingvow

Ryan’s busy week


I posted a lot of stuff. Lemme link back to the week’s highlights to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

ONE: Broken Telephone, the book I’ve been tinkering with for eight years and working full time on for 8 months was finally finished.

TWO: Like an idiot, I immediately started a brand new webcomic. Gimme Five is a reader-supported educational comic where I explain complicated concepts 5 minutes at a time.

THREE: I released the first issue of Gimme Five, How To Count To A Billion In Korean.

FOUR: I shared Seomyeon John, a complete 68 page graphic novel that has inspired dozens of people to e-mail me- half to tell me they laughed, half to tell me they cried.

Enjoy! Lots more to come next week! IT’S GONNA BE ANOTHER BUSY ONE!